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of philadelphia eagles in 2011. how did he get that wrong? >> i don't know. but i'm glad we got it cleared up. fox 5 morning news continues right now. t now. welcome to friday. it is straight up 5:00. we are getting a little giddy here on this friday. two cups of coffee. >> and some jazz music. >> we're god to go. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. another part of the equation is tucker barnes. he makes us really giddy too. coffee, jazz music and tucker barnes. the trifecta. the friday trifecta. >> i feel pressure today because i have to do the forecast and ashould be perfect for the weekend. let's take a look at radar. we've got a little bit of cloud cover and we've got some
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showers that have developed to the south and east. not here in d.c. but it will be lower eastern shore, across the bay, down towards cambridge and oxford getting a light sprinkle or shower. most of this is not touching the ground. most of the area has got some cloud cover. we'll be dealing with the clouds here for the next couple of hours. but the trend will be to get rid of the clouds and increase the sunshine by mid- to late morning. i think we'll be mostly sunny this afternoon. a decent looking friday. it is cold. right now, 43 at reagan national. it is 39 out at dulles as we switch maps magically. as we switch maps magically. 38 at bwi marshall and your forecast for today, temperatures a little warmer than yesterday. mid others. 54 in town. headed in the right direction. temperatures a little warmer, more sunshine than yesterday. >> i like that. sunny. thank you. >> time now to check in with
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julie wright again. let's see if i can work a little magic off my own. >> let's say hello to fred. he hasn't been to bed yet. he said he's watching us this morning. thank you. now, go to bed. southbound along 270, our lands are open coming in out of hyattstown. lanes are open, the pass is good to go doing well at the double nickel out of gaithersburg. -- southbound along 270, our lanes are open. for folks coming inbond leaving roslyn headed over towards the key, not so much to worry about but trying to macthe turn to head outbound along canal road, that gets a little tricky because of the construction zone that is still here. traffic volume light at this hour. pick your lanes accordingly. be careful headed across the potomac. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. affic. >> thank you. while you slept, an amber
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alert was issued for i amissing child in virginia. 18-month-old alexis rose carlisle was last seen yesterday in halifax virginia. police say she is traveling in a 1958 niece san station wagon. -- nissan station wagon. she is with eric eugene black and jennifer dawn carlisle. police believe they may have come to the d.c. area. investigators say the child is in extreme danger. anger. a big story this morning. a verdict that surprised many in the case of a bowie state university student charged with murdering her roommate. 20-year-old alexis simpson was found not guilty on all seven counts she faced. the jury believed her self- defense plea using evidence that she had complained to the university about dominique frasier to her favor. now, simpson cut frasier's
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throat one night last fall after an argument turned physical. simpson testified two of afl- cio junior's friends joined in the tax before she stabbed frasier. >> we have a young woman, a beautiful young college student who is dead whose neck was slit. we have another young woman who has experienced this as well. there are no winners. this is a loss for our community. >> she is tremendously remorseful for this incident. it has affected her emotionally in ways that you can only imagine. >> similar on's attorney says she will resume her studies at a different school. frasier's family declined to excellent. a horrific scene at a parade for veterans is topping the news this morning. a freight train collide wade float carrying wounded warriors in west texas thursday afternoon killing four people. truck pulling the not was stuck in slow machine moving traffic
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which left the float sitting on the tracks. it blared its horn and veterans and their families tried to scram el bend jump off. 17 were hurt including 10 in critical condition. former cia director david petraeus will appear before congress today for the first time since he resigned over revelations of an extramarital affair. today's hearing will only focus on matters related to the u.s. consulate attack in libya that killed a u.s. ambassador and three others. we're also learning that the acting director of the cia, michael morel, is ordering an internal probe of the sex scandal. now to the middle east, where fighting he is clast between israel and hamas. 500 rockets have been fired on israel in the last couple of days. -- where fighting escalates. israel has launched 150 air strikes against the palestinian militants since wednesday but held off for three hours early today because evening magazine incident's prime minister visited gaza. he says he is witnessing a
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disaster. egypt is trying to play a mediating role. we are on traffic watch in virginia this morning where the 495 express lanes are set to open. tomorrow is the big day and fox 5's sherry ly is live in tysons corner with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the express lanes here have never looked so good, not a single car out here. that is because they haven't quite opened just yet. we are at one of the on-ramps for the express lanes at west park drive in tysons corner. can you use these lanes for what transportation officials are promising should be a smooth ride. the five year $2 billion project will open on asaturday morning with two additional lanes. don't call them hot lanes or electric us lane as they've been called because of the prices. these are express lanes. how much it costs will depend
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on when you drive and what is being called dynamic or congestion pricing. it is expected to cost an average of $3 to $6 for an average trip during rush hour. carpoolers with three or more people will drive free. driverrers will need an e-zpass if you want to use these lanes. carpoolers, those with three or more people, will have to have an e-zpass flex so that they don't get charged that toll. now, how is virginia going to make sure that people aren't using that e-zpass flex to maybe try and get a free ride if they don't have enough people. well, what the state tells us is they plan to have as many as six troopers out here monitoring those lanes during rush hour and repeat offenders could be fined as much as $1,000. back to you. ate wild scene at an airport. details of what happened after a woman allegedly crashed her car through a gate and drove on
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to the runway. >> former washington mystics star chamique holdsclaw facing serious charged this morning. details on why she was arrested. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu.
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police in arizona say a woman drove onto an airport runway in phoenix with a small child in the car. she ran through a gate and started crossing the runway when police force the the car to stop. airport operations were shut down for 15 minutes last night. neither the driver nor the child were hurt and indicate the driver may have been impaired. chamique holdsclaw is facing assault charges. atlanta police say she shot into her ex-girlfriend's car tuesday after using a bat to break its windows. no one was hurt. holdsclaw and the alleged victim were teammates with the atlanta dream in 2009. here in d.c., nine accused gang members have been indicted. police say the so-called showout gang is behind several robberies across the city. officials believe the gang came together on the streets of chinatown but many of their alleged crimes were carried out across the district. they are believed to be behind a number of flash mob robberies
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and several alleged members are charged in vicious beatings. it is one of the large of the art sales in history. more than 400 million dollars. we'll show what you was worth that much coming up next. up n but first, here is our million dollar man, tucker barnes. >> i wish, wisdom. i wish. we got cloud cover and a couple of light showers across the region to start your day. going be for a decent friday. a lot of sunshine in the forecast. i'll have details on your weather. julie wright has a look at your traffic. we'll do it right after the break. 
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welcome back. coming up on 5:15 right now. taking a live look at reagan national airport annual check in with tucker in a second to see what we're facing for the day. meanwhile, christie's new york nabs one of the biggest art sales in history. the famous auction house taking in $412 million, the highest total ever for a cop temperature practitioner art auction at christie's. six people fought over andy warhol's 1966 image of marlon brando. >> what you couldn't see was wisdom was one of of those in the corner. >> i lost out on the bid. i only bid $15 million. >> what do you do when you pay
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$20 mull wrong for a picture. out hang it in your house. >> you move it very carefully. it must be nice. >> if you got $20 million to spend on a picture being be you got a lot of money. >> i would say the artwork into n. my house might not worth $20 -- in my house might not be worth $20. >> what i want are pictures of big storms on my walls at home. >> that speaks to your profession. >> right. >> that is not a bad idea, tucker. you should do that. have a collection of those. >> one day when i make it, i'll have a whole like hallway -- >> your open museum. >> they won't be worth anything. sunshine returns today. that is the theme for your friday. low cloud cover out there early but later this afternoon, we should be looking at mostly sunny conditions and a little
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warmer than yesterday. yesterday, we were at 51. today, maybe 54, 55 so a little sunshine. 39 this morning in manassas and culpeper. freezing mark, we're doing it in frederick. 32 in hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester. temperatures a little cooler north and west. leonardtown is 41 degrees. looking at our radar, we have a couple of showers. here we are, here is washington, south and east of washington. getting a light shower. as you get across the bay over towards easton now, st. michael's, not sure how much of this is touching the gowned t you see at least the possibility. this is all associated with thisling piece of energy coming through. not even a full storm system but you can see the draped is to take it north and east and -- you can seat trend is to take it -- you can see the trend is to take it north and east. we should be hooking at mostly sunny conditions. i think tomorrow hooks fine. we'll have more clouds on
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sunday and sunday afternoon. we'll hold off the rain until monday. and even then we may not see much of anything at all here. 54 today, sunshine. still a little cool at this time of year. 37 tonight. clear skies, cold overnight. here is your accu-weather weekend forecast. saturday looks great. 54 with sunshine. partly sunny sunday. we'll have some clouds around for the redskin game sunday afternoon, d.c. united. but it should be dry. cloudy on monday and a sneak peek to next week, thanksgiving right now, upper 50s with sunshine. traveling tuesday, wednesday, look fine around the mid- atlantic. that is weather. let's do some traffic and find out what is going on with julie. >> they say wednesday is the busiest travel day of the year. >> i hear that and friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. >> that i know. we need all the sunshine we can get to help with that commute headed out toward grandma's house or wherever you may be going. light traffic volume around the area. no big issues to report if you are continuing along the gw
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parkway. now, headss up. this is where we have construction coming inbound off canal road headed across the key bridge. you got to swing wide in order to get by. folks make that right turn and they have to swing around the work zone and cones and of a got traffic coming in out of virginia. it is quite tricky but there are people there to help to work you around it. allow a little extra time this morning if you have to make that trip into georgetown or traveling over towards roslyn. 395 northbound in good shape. no problems to report leaving shirlington headed out to the 14th street bridge. finally wrapping it up southbound 270, no issues here leaving 109 headed out towards clarksburg. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. >> thank you. in this morning's healthwatch, nearly 80% of office workers still go to work when they are sick. that is a 20% increase over last year. among the workers who stay home, more than 2/3 go back to
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work when they are still contagious putting coworkers' health at risk. so apparently, seeing the color green while exercising may make your workout more enjoyable. researchers say people responded more positively during and after a workout when they were shown outdoor images with a green filter versus images with a red or black filter. how about you just work out outside. >> that would probably be a good idea. >> okay. we are on to our next story. you may want to work out. you could eliminate an extra 100 calories from your daily diet by laying off alcoholic beverages. dietary guidelines recommend people consume alcohol in moderation which is one drink a day for women and two for men. the maker of five hound energy is denying reports the drink is linked to deaths. but the food and drug administering is looking into the dietary supplement after reports of deaths linked to the
5:21 am
drink surfaced. it is ahit with high school and college students but as bob barnard reports, the new probe comes after a maryland girl died from drinking another energy drink. >> reporter: the fda investigation comes just three weeks after we told you about the death of 14-year-old anais fornier of hagerstown. she died from cardiac arrhythmia due to caffeine toxicity. her family says she drank two 24-ounce monster energy drinks in the 24 hours before she died and had a generallettic disorder that could weaken blood vessels. her mother, wendy crossland. >> it is just something tt you never want to go through. >> reporter: the fda says it is now investigating reports of five deaths possibly linked to monster energy drink, another 13 to a product called five- hour energy. >> i would say like most of my friends here take them like often. they really do help us stay awake studying. if i have a paper the night before, i'll definitely drink
5:22 am
some. >> reporter: we spoke to students at gw where the starbucks was jam packed. this is a coffee generation that also loves its caffeinated energy drinks. >> i am really used to caffeine like diet coke and cough canny. i need the extra jolt. i need like the five hour energy or the monster to stay awake. >> reporter: the energy shots as they're called come in small plastic bottles and can be found at your neighborhood pharmacy. the fda says it is investigating 92 patient reports including 33 hospitalizations related to five hour energy adding if he with find a relationship between consumption of the prod acta and harm, fda will take appropriate action to reduce or eliminate the risk. -- of the product and harm. >> even though it says drinking one pottle a day is okay, it is clearly not for me. >> reporter: he says he just got out of the hospital after an adverse reaction for 5 hour
5:23 am
energy. >> i suffered headaches and heart palpitations. i felt awful, sweating, very fatigued right now actually. >> reporter: the fda warning makes clear these energy drinks are not a substitute for sleep and anybody considering taking one of these product first consult a physician. you might have an underlying health concern like riyat does. >> allergens don't affect all people the same way and energy drinks similarly don't react to people's bodies equally. >> i sometimes get heart palpitations if i have too much coffee or too much espresso. i can't even imagine that. >> that is strong. it is the day many movie
5:24 am
fans have been waiting for. twilight breaking down part two is hitting theaters this weekend. >> taylor lautner sat down with kevin mccarthy to explain why jacob has become his favorite role and tucker's favorite character. we'll be right back.
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twie height breaking down dawn part two hits theets are today and taylor lautner has
5:27 am
drawn a lot of fans for team jacob in thenedless love triangle that has played out during the twilight movie franchise. >> now that the final chapter is open, movie reviewer kevin mccarthy at down with the actor. >> i was thinking as an actor when you first got in this business or even nowadays, have you ever found yourself under estimating yourself and surprising yourself in a role. >> it does and mainly because of people that i've had the opportunity to work with. you do. you absolutely underestimate yourself sometimes and you get help from people that you never imagined you would be able to work with and they can take to you places that you never thought you could get and that is the best thing. >> is there ever a role that you surprised yourself so much like how did that come out of
5:28 am
me. >> i had a lot of fun. i just day cameo in grown-ups 2 and do something a little more comedic, kind of like jacob was in this last one jacob is my favorite role and probably because how much he has evolved from the beginning of the franchise to the end. it has been a dream to play him. >> one of the most famous things is when you are taking your shirt off. give me some tips. >> protein shakes. like they're nasty though. you got to wake up, have one as soon as you wake up, three a day. eight a ton and not a ton of cake and ice cream. protein, protein. stay away from the sugar and you got to hit that gym. hat gy >> getting some workout tips there. >> there you go. there it is. >> movies and workout tips. stay with us. we'll be back. 
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news on friday. that is a live look outside right now at the jefferson memorial. you know what? it is not going to be that bad all things considered this weekend according to tucker barnes. >> it is never bad because of the weekend, right? >> well, that's true. >> even if it's pouring rain on saturday and i don't have to get up at 3:00 in the morning, i'm in a good mood. >> well, there's no snow on the ground. >> go sledding with the kids. >> they want to stay outside and daddy gets cold. >> a grumpy daddy. >> he is.
5:32 am
next time it snows, i'll take your kids out to the playground. >> i'll justify bring them down, drop them off. >> i have a hill in my neighborhood. we'll go sledding. a couple of light showers south and east of the city. there you go out towards oxford. it is moving so quickly that i think by the time the sun gets up in about an hour and a half we should be looking at mostly sunny conditions. a decent day, still a little cool with highs in the mid to low others. here are your current regional temperatures. 43 in washington. cloud cover holding temperatures up a bit here. temperatures still below normal here across the eastern seaboard. 38 in new york city. forecast for today, plenty of afternoon sunshine. a few clouds here to start your day and highs in the low to mid- 50s. a nice looking friday and a good looking weekend. i'll have details in just a minute. >> thank you. before we get to julie, we want to tell you about this traffic watch. drivers will get their first test drive of the new beltway
5:33 am
express lanes starting tomorrow. the five-year construction project adds four new lanes to the eight-lane bray from springfield to the american legion bridge. -- beltway from springfield to the american legion bridge. solo drivers will have to pay. the cost will run between $3 and $6 for a one-way trip during rush hour. it is less during off-peak hours. let's get to julie wright to get the latest. >> i need to travel that just to get a feel for it. but there is only one of me. road trip, you guys. >> let's all pile in. >> wisdom is like i'm not coming. >> fair buying lunch, julie, i'm riding. >> i thought tucker was buying lunch. >> whoever. all right. on the roads, you will find light traffic volume. not a lot happening early this morning. this is what is tying autopsy portion of the key bridge in each direction as well as m street and canal road.
5:34 am
if you are coming inbound off canal road, you got to swing wiewd in -- wide in order to get by. coming in from m street, you have to follow the path here between the cones and barrels. you got to zig damage through the work zone and it is still in place. -- you got to zigzag through the work zone and it is still in place. coming nut off germantown doing the double nickel out towards rockville. -- coming in out of germantown. we have an amber alert for and 18-month-old girl last seen yesterday afternoon in halifax, virginia. alexis carlisle was last seen in the 1000 block. lower liberty road and 4:30. police say she is is traveling
5:35 am
in a nissan station wagon. she is with these two people. 41-year-old eric eugene black and dawn carlisle. police say the child is in extreme danger. e danger. classified hearing are scheduled on capitol hill today. in less than two hours from now, former cia director david petraeus will be on the hull to answer questions from lawmakers -- on the hill to answer questions from lawmakers. there are a series of hearings this week. republicans are blasting the obama administration for sending mixed signals on the cause of the tax. >> what is clear is that this administration including the president himself has intentionally misinformed, read that lied, to the american people in the aftermath of this tragedy.
5:36 am
>> the former cia chief testifies at two hearings behind closed doors today. a developing war in the holy lapped. israel is moving troops to the border with gaza after the government approved the call-up of 30,000 reservists. hamas has fired 500 rockets into israel killing three since wednesday and more air raids are going off as another 85 were fired this morning. israel responded with 150 air strikes since yesterday killing 15. it follows air raids in the capital for the first time in 20 years. a long-range rocket from iran landed just off the coast from tel aviv yesterday. a horrific scene in west texas after i afreight train slammed into a flatbed truck full of -- after a freight train slammed into a flatbed truck full of wounded warriors. investigators from the national transportation safety board are in midland, texas to find out how it happened. union pacific says the train sounded its horn as people
5:37 am
jumped off the truck. and now to a big story we continue to follow. not guilty is the verdict handed down tie bowie state university student accused of killing her roommate. 20-year-old alexis simpson was cleared of all seven charges against her for stabbing dominique frasier last fall in their dorm room. she says she accidentally stabbed frasier in self-defense after the two got into a fight over music. >> this was a self-defense case. alexis, there is no question in my mind acted in self-defense. >> she went into the victim's room and she sought the victim out and so we brought this case because we thought that, in fact, what she did was criminal. and so i'm disappointed. >> dominique frasier would have turned 19 just days after she died. simpson's attorney says she will resume school at another university. a d.c. high school principal turns herself in to
5:38 am
police. find out why she is facing charges and is on administrative leave. >> plus, caught on camera, a convenience store clerk pistol- whipped but this could have been much worse. we'll tell you why when we come back.
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its principal of coolidge
5:41 am
high school in d.c. furnished herself into police following assault accusations. she is accused of attacking a former staff member. the victim says it happened earlier this month after the home coming football game. she is charged with simple assault and being placed on administrative leave. audrey brown will resume the role of acting principal. rinci more than two years after the massive teen water horizon oil spill in the gulf of mexico, bp has agreed to pay the largest criminal settlement in u.s. history. -- massive deep water horizon oil spill. two bp workers are also facing manslaughter charges. take a look at this. this is a brutal attack caught on camera. two men in masks and hoods attempt to rob a convenience store in massachusetts and hitting and pistol-whipping the clerk in the meantime. the clerk fights back but lucky for him a customer later walks in and scares the robbers away.
5:42 am
the clerk suffered a severe cut to his face but is doing okay. >> very lucky for him. all right. looking to hit the town this weekend for a little nightlife. forget hail ago cab or riding metro. >> we'll tell you about a service called d.c. hopper. we are checking in with tucker barnes in weather and julie wright in traffic. stay with us. 
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welcome back. it is friday. we just entertain ourselves up here, don't we? taking a live look at the jefferson memorial right now. decent morning i would say because we'll have some sun. it will be as t there still. that is how it goes when it is november. >> and it's friday. we're a little colder at the moment. later today, mid 50s. you mentioned the sunshine. all indications are we'll have a nice start to the weekend and a decent weekend. we should be dry this weekend. we'll have clouds around sunday but we should be nice and dry so that is good news. people want to be out raining the leaves and going to football games. let's get to the numbers and let sarah think about how much
5:46 am
yard work she has to do. >> tucker, you should go over and help her i don't i got my own project. i'm still cleaning up from sandy my -- in my yard. hagerstown, winchester, 32 degrees. 41 in leonard up two. temperatures are dim on the cool side. have a little bit of cloud cover and a couple light showers that have been working through, not so much here in the immediate washington area. got to get down into southern maryland and across the lower eastern shore here out towards easton and oxford. we've hay the bit of of light shower activity early today. what is happening is we have a little disturbance, a little upper level disturbance pushing through. you can see not a lot associated with it. most of the rain showers are currently off the coast here of ocean city. we should see a quick clearing trend early this morning. notice out into west virginia around much of southwest virginia, we have clear skies.
5:47 am
that will push in here and deliver a decent looking friday for us as high pressure gets a chance to build in here for the next couple of days. a cold one tonight and then a return to sunshine for your day on saturday. as we get into sunday, we'll be under the influence just a little bit of this storm system to our south. that will push clouds into the area. so by sunday afternoon, we'll have some clouds but we should be try here for the redskins game sunday. 54 today. mostly sunny. still cool. that is a good-looking forecast. that will bring a smile to your face. winds out of the north here five to 10. cold overnight with winds nice and light out of the north at about five. here is your accu-weather weekend forecast. 54 on saturday. 53 on sunday. next week if you are traveling tuesday, wednesday, at least across the mid-atlantic, nice and quiet and right now, if you are making plans for thanksgiving, upper 50s with sunshine. that is just about where we should be for thanksgiving day. that is a look at weather. now, let's see if julie is going to a good one for thanksgiving. we'll find out what she is cooking for me.
5:48 am
>> i'm not the one cooking. you know better than that. my mama is the one doing the cooking but you are welcome to come and join it. there is plenty all around. on the roads, the outer loop of the beltway is where we're checking for an incident before you reach university boulevard. we've received word of a car that took out a utility pole. we'll keep an eye on this area for you and keep updated in the next report. lanes are open out of germantown with no issues reported continuing southbound out towards rockville. this is still an easy drive even for folks coming southbound off of i-70. gun, with this construction, this is impeding your commute along canal road, m street as well as over at the key brim as the crew is still in place here. you got swing wide coming inbound off of the key bridge and m street headed over into virginia. be careful there. traffic volume still very light in this area so there is not a big backup. d-d.o.t. is sending someone out there to
5:49 am
see how this is affecting your commute. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. say the a new boost for d.c. nightlife. >> it is a shuttle service called the d.c. hopper and it provides transportation with some perks. lauren demarco joins us to explain what it is all about. >> don't be intimidated, guys. i know. nightlife. it is for the young folks. >> i'll just listen to this report and pass it along. >> sadly. i love this story because it is about these two local guys that kind of had an idea and they just went for it. and they're even using some popular new technology to make their concept work. so take a look. e a look. >> but when you get there, you are able to skip the line, the no cover charge, getting drink specials and things like that. >> reporter: a hot night on the town complete with vip treatment and transportation. >> definitely something that people are talking about more and more. >> reporter: the d.c. hopper is a brand-new way to get to and from some of the region's favorite spots for fight life. it is a creation of brandon yu and alex middle. >> we went to winston churchill
5:50 am
high school, local, born and raised. >> they quickly became frustrated with the limited transportation available on weekend nights. >> we want to be able to get out in d.c. and experience other areas but it wasn't convenient. we would have to walk to the metro or get out here via cab but we couldn't get back. because when we last -- cabs wouldn't drive us home or the metro would be closed. we wanted a convenient fun way to get around d.c. >> reporter: enter the d.c. hopper. the shuttle runs every half our on fridays and saturdays from 9:30:00 p.m. to 3:15 a.m. each driver is armed with an ipad device that swipes credit cards. >> it brings to you the opinion and it says slide to pay.
5:51 am
>> reporter: the hopper isn't a party bus. no alcohol but -- >> we provide water and red bull. >> as far as the specials, about a dozen pars and nightclubs allow riders to skip their lines and cover charges. and the establishments are already noticing extra business. >> hope people get to know the service more so they can use it when they come down to east. -- about a dozen bars and nightclubs. >> the shuttle take you between nightlife locations so you will still need a designated driver to get you home. they plan on adding other areas and they are in talks to add a stop in clarendon, virginia. >> that is such a good idea. it really is. you do hear people say i'm trying to get home but a cab won't take me there or here or whatever. what a great idea. thank you. it could be the last chance to salvage the soap for the skins. up next, we are getting set for
5:52 am
that you are showdown with the eagles. -- it could be the last chance to salvage the season for the skins. >> we'll hear what one player says is the key to victory. we'll tell you all about it when we come back. 
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5:54 am
the redskins face the philadelphia eagles and rookie quarterback nick foals sunday but that might not be such a good thing. the skins have lost the last to the eight rookie quarterbacks they faced dating back to 2005. the skins are clinging to a
5:55 am
slim hope of making the playoffs. what is their biggest concern for sunday's game? >> to me, i think it is the big play. if you let them hit a big play and quick strike and score that touchdown, then they can kill you inform you force them to snap it again and snap it again and give them a chance to make mistakes in the red zone, that is something we have to try to capitalize on. >> the offense is going to come out, they'll be high tempo. they'll give you a bunch of different things. you have to be able to with stand the onslaught early and you kind of set until to what we do and what they do. to college football now. virginia looking for win its final two games in order to win a bowl bid. last night, they faced north carolina. the cavaliers fell behind early on and never caught up. they lost to the tarheels 37- 13. that means no bowl game this
5:56 am
year. next week, they face virginia tech. the acr basketball virginia tech hosting virginia military institute last night in blacksburg. blacksburg. tech wins 95-08. they are off to a 3-0 start. it is friday and that means time to head to the movies. at 6:00, kevin mccarthy is here with his review of twilight breaking down part two. >> i can't wait. i'm so dpietd. first, it is time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. -- i'm so excite. >> she could use a lift because she is looking for work it. >> oh, don't give up. kathy says she watches fox 5 morning news every day and being a fan will be a great
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pick-me up. remember, keep going. don't give up. for a chance to be monday's facebook fan of the day, post a comment under kathy's picture. 
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